Flea Medicines for Your Pet


For any pet owner, they know how big of an enemy fleas are. Even so, we only know so little about these pesky creatures or even flea medicines that can be used to get rid of it. The facts that are listed in this article will give light on what these insects are and on how you can permanently eliminate them.

On average, fleas can live on your dog or cat for the span of 2 to 3 years which is roughly 10 percent of the life spent by your pet. A female flea can lay nearly a million eggs over its lifetime and these eggs could live in carpets for a full year without being notice and stay there until it hatch. Fleas love feeding on cats and dogs as your pet is closer to ground and their body temperature is just perfect for them to live. If you think that you are safe from fleas by not having a pet, you are wrong because their next option is to attack and live on children particularly infants or toddlers. This is yet another reason why you have to buy a good and effective flea medicine for pets. Click here now!

Female fleas can bite up to 7x before they found the blood vessel. The saliva they leave may trigger an allergic reaction. When it has fed on the blood of the host, it then deposits the eggs and flea dirt which is its undigested blood. The eggs as well as the dropping come off of your animal’s coat and it spreads throughout the house.

Flea eggs aren’t actually affected by temperature but it’ll stay dormant for certain period of time. And when the perfect condition exists, they’ll hatch and release larva but this larva is vulnerable to flea medicine. Flea cycle could be as quick as months and can last to even years. There are various flea medicines for pets and these are varying in safety, odor, convenience and effectiveness. Regardless of the flea medicine you buy and use at PetAction, you have to put it on every pet in your household and everywhere it goes including your car, the basement etc.

Most people think that flea medicine is the only solution they could use in dealing with these pesky insects. What they don’t know is that there are other solutions that could be used similar to flea sprays, dips, flea powders and so forth. Check out this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/06/health/pet-medication-poison-kids-study/index.html for more facts about pets.


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